October 3, 2010

New Orleans Wedding – Elegant, Classic… Operatic?

There are so many excellent destination wedding options in New Orleans that some of the less aggressively marketed ones are easily overlooked.  Case in point: the New Orleans Opera Association Women’s Guild residence. The homepage really says it all:

This New Orleans Garden District mansion was formerly known as the Davis/Seebold Residence and became the home of the Women’s Guild in 1966.  The home was built in 1865 and is furnished in 18th and 19th Century European and American furniture, artwork, antiques and object d’art.

Though that does sum it up quite well, I’ll add my two picayunes. The old manse is truly a New Orleans treasure. In a day and age when so many of our beautiful heritage mansions are being neglected, divided into apartments or used as fraternity houses, the Women’s Guild lends an air of care and respect that is all too often lacking in today’s world’s disposable culture. If you’re considering New Orleans for your wedding destination, do yourself a favor. Make a date to stop by the Opera Association’s home. You may want to make your nuptials home, as well.