March 18, 2011

Ideas For Wedding Guest Books

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There are many mementos you can take from your wedding to cherish forever, such as wedding pictures and gifts, but nothing really captures the mood of your guests like the wedding guest book. As a wedding planner in New Orleans, I’ve seen a lot of unique ideas for wedding guest books that leave memories for both guests and the happy couple. If you’re starting to think of concepts for your wedding guest book, here are some ideas to consider.

The Old-Fashioned Guest Book

If you’re planning on having a very traditional wedding, an old-fashioned wedding guest book might be a good idea. This is usually a very inexpensive approach, because all you need is a book with blank pages. The good thing about this type is that it’s open to creativity. Guests can sign their name, leave personal notes or even draw pictures. Many couples want the book to be uniformed, so they have their close relatives sign the book beforehand to set an example for incoming guests.

Picture Frame Guest Book

The picture frame approach is a fantastic way to make your guest book something that you can actually put on display at home. Buy an autograph picture frame and place an engagement or wedding picture in the middle. The picture is surrounded by blank white space, so guests can sign and make comments. Once the wedding is over, you can get the frame placed in glass and hang it. This ensures that you remember your wedding day and all your guests for years after.

The Polaroid or Photobooth Guest Book

Couples who want their guests to have fun with the book might consider either the Polaroid or photobooth guest book. For the Polaroid guest book, you have one person wait at the front and take pictures of the guests as they enter. Then their picture is placed inside a book and they write comments next to it. The other option, which is more expensive, is to rent out a photobooth like the ones at malls. This gives your guests an opportunity to be creative, and the pictures not placed in the book can also double as a party favor for them to take home.

Guest Book Tree

If you’re looking for a guest book that really decorates your wedding, the increasingly popular guest book tree is a great idea. This guest book requires a small tree, preferably a manzanita, and decorative cards. When guests come in, they sign personal notes and wishes on the cards, and then hang them on the tree so they look like leaves.

Photobook Guest Book

The photobook guest book runs along the same vein as the picture frame guest book. Create a leather-bound book featuring a range of pictures, including engagement, wedding and dating pictures. Some couples also like to add poems or stories to their book. Remember to leave space between pictures or blank pages, so guests can make comments and sign their names. You can even make the book themed on your New Orleans destination wedding.