October 11, 2010

New Orleans Weddings: Anything Is Possible.

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Scuba Diving Wedding Underwater

How do they kiss after the vows?

Being a New Orleans wedding planner means hearing a lot of… interesting requests. I’ve been asked to plan all kinds of bizarre weddings but none as unusual as these.

I refer to that article to prove that, yes, anything is possible. You can get married in (or ON!) a flying airplane. You can have any wedding you want. Anything your mind can fathom and your heart can desire can indeed happen. Your once-in-a-lifetime event is not only possible, it’s your obligation to yourself. Until you have your first child, your wedding should be the most memorable moment in at least two lives. Together we can make that the case.

Everyone has different dreams. Some people want to have a storybook chapel. Some don’t care, so long as their wedding destination is New Orleans. Some want to get married in… McDonald’s. Hey, I don’t judge, I just keep a psychiatrist in my Rolodex. Look into your mind, into your heart and then look me up. I’ll tell you exactly what happens next on the checklist to your dream wedding.

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