November 21, 2010

New Orleans Weddings – The Personal Touch

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I’ve spent a little time looking at other wedding planners‘ websites recently and I am aghast. This is a short note, but I just felt compelled to say that there is no reason to treat a destination wedding in New Orleans, or anywhere else, as a factory piece. I put my hands on every single wedding that comes my way.

No assistant takes over. No one redirects you, gives you the run around or quotes you from a set price list. When it comes to the time of your life, you deserve the effort of my life.

I am always reachable. I am always available. When you have a question, a concern, an issue with any aspect of your wedding when you call Anythony Lala you get Anthony Lala, not some secretary. Shame on all the others.

November 14, 2010

New Orleans Destination Weddings: A Little Country, A Little Chic

I’ve been going on and on about destination weddings in New Orleans‘ famed French Quarter – and with good reason – but I’ve left out a very important aspect of New Orleans’ charm. Outside the furor of the other city that never sleeps, and not far outside, is true country. The kind you don’t find in too many places anymore: untamed, yet civilized.

Why bring this up? Two words: Honey moon.  Is there a more perfect honey moon than a week on a working farm? Trail riding, serenity, home cooked meals of ingredients gathered not 100 feet away?  Maybe I’m a romantic, but I find the marriage of the crop to the soil to be the perfect analogy for man and wife.  Being out of cell service range is romantic enough in and of itself.

There are plenty of bed and breakfasts to choose from within an hour drive of New Orleans proper, and any are perfect for your perfect destination honeymoon, whether you just want peace and quiet or are looking to saddle up and get out into the real middle of nowhere. After your energizing party-wedding in the French Quarter you can have a honeymoon that seems to take all the time in the world, just in one sunrise-to-sunset.  Give me a call and I can help you find whatever it is your heart desires.

November 6, 2010

New Orleans Indoor Wedding Season

New Orleans may be the nations best wedding destination, but around two months out of the year it is the nations best indoor wedding destination. Yes, even in our tropical clime, the weather may dip, and dip it has. Until February the best place to hold a wedding will probably be within the walls of a fine hotel or cathedral, and so that is what the next blog posts will be about.

When most people think New Orleans Wedding, they think, French Quarter Wedding. And with good reason. As I’ve written here before, and will tell anyone who will listen, the French Quarter really has it all: cordon bleu trained chefs and bakers, old-world french architecture, the charm of the south and Europe, the best musicians the country has to offer and the best party atmosphere for the in-laws and the out-laws. This season is an excellent time to take advantage of every facet New Orleans has to offer.

You may think that with the colder weather that tourist season is at an end. Not so. Conventions, revelers and international travelers all ensure that you will have plenty of people to watch your second line – and probably follow along. And what’s even better is that the cool weather that will keep you from sweating in your suit or gown is still warm enough to allow outdoor glamour photography. Best? The heat is banished, and with it irritation. No one has patience for impatience.

Check back next week for information on one of New Orleans’ fabulous hotels, and be sure to ask me anything you want to know about New Orleans weddings.