September 26, 2010

New Orleans Is The Destination For A Truly Unique Wedding

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A wedding of elephants

Giant top hat and spectacles not included.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people say, “I wish I could have _____ at my wedding,” thinking that it’s impossible. A colleague recently made the offhand comment that he wished he could have a wedding with elephants and peacocks like he saw on the discovery channel, thinking this was impossible. My reply? Just try the Audubon Zoo.

Yes, you can get married at the Audubon Zoo and rent the animals. No need to fly to India to have your nuptials amidst tigers and white horses – a combination sure to lead to fat tigers – you can have a wedding no one will ever forget in the heart of New Orleans. A classic silk and flowers ceremony with trumpeting white elephants flanking your guests – what speaks more to the gumbo of funk and elegance that is the epitome of New Orleans?

Your wedding plans are limited only by your imagination and budget.  Dream big and tell me your fantasies – I’ll have them planned out and present you with options. When you compare New Orleans to any other city to have your wishes fulfilled you’ll soon discover there never really was any comparison.

September 16, 2010

Beautiful Jackson Square Weddings

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There is a wedding in Jackson Square every weekend.  That’s a slight exaggeration.  Some weekends there are none.  Some there are three.  People may ask, “Of all the beautiful places in New Orleans, why is Jackson Square such a popular destination wedding venue?”  The answer can be expressed in words, but these pictures by talented wedding photographer Michael Caswell are worth thousands a piece.

There’s nowhere else in New Orleans the world better suited for a classic wedding than Jackson Square.  Naturally the local authorities know this and have instituted a small fee to hold a ceremony within the confines of the square proper, but saying your vows just the other side of the wrought iron enclosure and then having your photographs taken within it circumvents that charge quite neatly.

The reason that Jackson Square is the perfect destination wedding venue is not because of how stunningly beautiful it is.  It’s not because of its proximity to the energizing river air.  It’s not even because of New Orleans’ tropical climate.  It’s because it’s literally in the center of America’s best party town: The French Quarter.

Nowhere else in the world will you find equal parts class, jazz and bawd.  Nowhere else can you have your own musical parade through a centuries old neighborhood to the delight of partying onlookers.  Nowhere else but New Orleans can you find such a concentration of the best restaurants from every tradition, music of every kind and all-day-and-night celebrations.

Check out St Louis cathedral, Muriels restaurant and the Martin Lawrence Gallery for an idea of why you should consider a Jackson Square wedding.  If you want a party no one will forget, book the Natchez steam boat for a jazz cruise up the Mississippi.

I’m Anthony Lala, wedding consultant, and if you’re considering a wedding in New Orleans, you’ve come to the right website.